Frequently Asked Questions

Q How long does it take to set up?

If you are familiar with changing DNS records, you can park an adult domain in less than five minutes. The site will be live and fully populated with content.

Q Is there a limit to the number of domains I can park?

There is no limit. If you have a million, however, we should proabably chat first. Other than that, we good.

Q How much traffic will my site get?

If only we could predict that! Most sites see a few thousand visits in the first few months. Some domains we have had parked for years receive tens of thousands of visits per day. If your domain is newly registered you can expect to see your first organic search visitor in a few days. From there it should only increase each week.

Q Can I do link building and other SEO tactics?

Absolutely. You can certainly benefit from additional "off site" SEO work if it is done correctly. Have a look at for off site SEO strategies.

Q What about SSL and using HTTPS?

You can get SSL for you site for free by using services such as to manage your DNS. We do not issue SSL certs for parked domains and do not anticpate that ever happening.

Q What about duplicate content penalties?

The best strategy to avoid having a similar site to someone else it go use unique combinations of keywords when setting up the parked domain. Get creative! Google your keywords first and see what comes up.

Q Are non-english languages supported?

There is content available on our platform from many different languages.

Q Is the site mobile friendly?

All of our templates are compliant with what Google refers to as "Mobile Friendly".

Q Can I send paid traffic to my domains?

Yes you can. Our platform is built to handle enormous amounts of traffic.

Q Can I embed my own ads in the site?

Not at this time. However, this is something we are considering. If making money from traffic is your focus, you will eventually want to build and have total control of your own site. In the mean time, consider us a turnkey solution to jump-start your SEO.