Parking a domain with happens in three easy steps.

We highly recommend using a CDN product such as (free plan available) to manage your DNS. Using a CDN service ensures your site is fast worldwide, and automatically provides SSL encryption for your domain which is a critical factor in SEO.

If you have additional questions before parking your domain please visit or FAQ for more information.

Step 1 what is your domain?

Do not include any "http://" or "www", only the root domain such as ""

Step 2 set your DNS

Create three DNS records:


Checking DNS settings...

DNS validation successful

You may make changes to the configuration of your site for the next 60 minutes. After that time you must re-authorize by visiting this page again and updating to a new TXT record for the domain.

Example of correctly set DNS using

Step 3 configure your site content

Step 4 make money with JuicyAds

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domain and site ID passed through on click

postback on approval to active ads